Groin Injuries happen when you are an Athlete – Protect Yourself

Nutshellz is a high-end sports cup manufactured to resist forces as strong as a bullet.

Groin Injuries happen when you are an Athlete – Protect Yourself

2-5 % of injuries in sports are groin injuries lets try to make it 0%–Buy Nutshellz bullet resistant groin protection.

Groin Injuries in Athletes

Man shot in groin at Strip Club

If you plan on pissing off a striper you might want to be wearing a Nutshellz Groin Protector.

Man Who Died After Being Shot In Groin At Strip Club ID’d

Some people don’t deserve the benefits of Nutshellz

I am glad that this guy didn’t buy a groin protector from Nutshellz,LLC!! Some people just deserve to have their nuts removed violently.

Man found shot in groin not cooperating

Man strikes out with the ladies & wishes he would of worn Nutshellz

Got drunk to get the courage to talk to the ladies and what do I do? I blow my frkn weiner off!! I wish I would of been wearing that Nutshell thingy I saw in the magazine.

Intoxicated man accidentally shoots self in groin | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs

Man wishes he would of put on his Nutshellz before visiting the local market

Going to have a barbecue- burgers and hot dogs until someone shot my hot dog

Man shot in groin outside Wyandanch market

Sheriff shoots criminal in the groin

Nutshellz, LLC is ok with the bad guy getting shot in the nuts. We are in the business of protecting the good guys junk.

Sheriff: Victim Felt Threatened, Shot Man In Groin

You need Nutshellz more than you think

Check out this article- this is why Nutshellz,LLC is working hard with legislators to enact a law that would require every male to wear a Nutshellz groin protector whenever leaving home and in some neighborhoods be required to wear it at all times. Please contact your congresman and voice your concern and together we can make a difference.

Cleveland man robbed, shot in the groin

Man needs Nutshellz and a reality check

Police say the injuries aren’t life threatening. Says who? If I shot my penis with my gals pink revolver I think I would be threatened mentally the rest of my life. Nutshellz for everyone.

Chandler man accidentally shoots himself in groin

Petty argument leads to men wishing they had Nutshellz

Like We said before- – If you are a freakin idiot then you deserve it—stupid should hurt. In this case only one stupid got hurt.

Syracuse man shot in groin after dispute over tires; two charged in shootings